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The Bean Peaks Gravity Flow Trails

One-way, bike-optimized trails with tabletops, rollers, berms, and technical rock features, the first of its kind in Arizona, are coming to Prescott! The Bean Peaks Trails promise fun for riders and families of all abilities.

With your donation, we can break ground in the fall of 2023!

The Vision: Elevating Prescott’s Outdoor Recreation Amenities

The Bean Peaks Gravity Flow Trails project, a collaboration of key local and national entities, aims to add 17 miles of enhanced for fun mountain bike trails in the scenic Bean Peaks area, adjacent to the White Spar Campground in the Prescott National Forest.

These bike-optimized, gravity-flow trails are designed to appeal to riders and families of all abilities, and with 400+ miles of existing trails in Prescott, project contributes an Arizona-unique offering for both residents and visitors.

With your help, we plan to break ground in the fall of 2023.

The Benefits of the
Bean Peaks Gravity Flow Trails

The Bean Peaks Gravity Flow Trails project goes beyond mountain biking. It envisions the creation of a well-rounded community, healthier citizens, and a thriving local economy.

Health Enhancement

Local Attraction

Nature Connection

Property Value

Community Building

Economic Stimulation

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Help enrich our community! Donate to the Bean Peaks Gravity Flow Trails today.

Ride the Timeline:
Key Milestones

Embark on a journey from inception to completion of the Bean Peaks Gravity Flow Trails project. Follow the key milestones that pave the way to experiencing an exhilarating, bike-optimized trail system.

Trail Design & Preliminary Fundraising

The trail's design was completed in summer 2020 by IMBA's Trail Solutions Team. Simultaneously, the preliminary fundraising phase was launched, managing to secure $125,000. The Bean Peaks project is estimated to cost $1.5 million over 3 years.

Permitting & Public Fundraising

The Bean Peaks project received the final USFS permits in June 2023. A broad public fundraising campaign was just launched focusing on smaller to mid-level donations from both individuals and businesses. Our goal is to raise $350,000 before October 31st so we can break ground the same month.

Phase 1: Construction Fall 2023

We need your help NOW to secure the funding target of $350,000 in order to begin professional trail construction in the Fall of 2023. This will include:

  • Trailhead and parking
  • 5.9 miles of beginner and intermediate trails, including 3.4 miles of gravity flow trails

Trails will be ready to ride Spring 2024.

Phase 2: Construction Fall 2024

An additional 6.7 miles of trails to include beginner, intermediate and advanced trails, including 2.5 miles of gravity flow trails.

Phase 3: Construction Fall 2025

4.7 miles of intermediate and advanced trails including 3.5 miles of gravity flow trails.

Completion & Maintenance

Each construction phase will take place in the fall and open to the public in the spring of the following year. This is completely dependent upon financial support from the Prescott area community.

Post-opening efforts will pivot towards maintaining and enhancing the trails to ensure their long-term viability and continued enjoyment for users for many generations to follow.

Join the Ride: Send It for Bean Peaks!

Your contribution can make the dream of Bean Peaks Gravity Flow Trails a reality. Help us build a trail system that brings fun, healthy lifestyles, and economic growth to our community!

We need to raise $350,000 by the end of October inorder to break ground on Phase 1 of the same month. Here’s how you can help:

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Donate to the Send it for Bean Peaks Trails Campaign

Support the construction of the Bean Peaks Gravity Flow Trail System. Your donation now will help us turn the dirt this fall.  PMBA is a 501c3 registered non profit.  Donations are tax deductible.
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Attend the "Send It for Bean Peaks" Gala Event on Saturday, Sept 16th 2023

Long time PMBA supporter Vivili Hospitality Group will host a party you won’t want to miss. Great food, drinks, entertainment, raffles, giveaways and much more. Get your tickets here.

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Participate in the Prescott Trails Challenge

New this year are 6 distances you can ride with your friends and family to raise funds for Bean Peaks. The Prescott Trails Challenge, as usual, includes the iconic Prescott Circle Trail, 56 miles and 6000 ft. of climbing. #blameitonchloe
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